Gravel re-sheeting alternatives in Australia

It is time for councils to innovate, and make changes before other tiers of government make changes for them. It is time to become more proactive and deliver better performance at lower cost with less effort.

Unsealed roads, one of the biggest items on council budgets, are a case in point. The old method of unsealed road maintenance still practised by many councils is to grade and re-sheet following a fixed road management plan. Some councils attempt to optimise the life of their unsealed roads by increasing the road pavement depth. i.e. more gravel. This is not financially sustainable and is socially irresponsible.

This method is not environmentally sustainable. The answer is an innovative solution so simple, economical and effective that it allows councils to eliminate the majority of re-sheeting and cut back on unsealed road maintenance by four to six times.

Rather than 150mm gravel re-sheeting at $34,000* per kilometre, councils can rehabilitate the in-situ materials at 150mm at a cost of $15,800* (1km length, 6 metres wide, 150mm depth). This simple, up-to-date method of in-situ stabilisation not only costs less, but creates stronger, tightly bound roads that last longer.

These are just some of the benefits of stabilisation with PolyCom Stabilising Aid instead of crushing and hauling rock. Stabilise and reduce dust in one operation. Eliminate the need for constant, repetitive maintenance grading. Reduce wear and tear on equipment and labour costs. Reduce trucking and carting costs. 

PolyCom allows councils to unlock the hidden assets already paid for in their unsealed roads to build better roads, and shift the savings in unsealed road costs to allow a higher standard of service across the shire.

To remain financially viable, councils must make a real commitment to adapt and innovate. In preparation for a viable financial future, it is time to enable genuinely transformative change using innovative solutions such as PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

* plant and labour are included in these figures.

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