Pothole repair with bagged asphalt

Sick of repairing the same potholes on roads and freeways? Need to fix trip hazards on footpaths? Tired of spending money on asphalt repair products that don’t go the distance? 

Do you wish there was a top-quality pothole repair product that really works?

You’ve found it. We’ve got pothole repair in the bag.

Quality Pavement Repair is ready-made asphalt used for permanent repairs on:

- potholes

- utility cuts

- edge breaks

- washouts

- all types of asphalt damage. 

Repair potholes on roads and freeways. Fix trip hazards on concrete footpaths, curbing and more. QPR comes ready-made in easy-lift 15kg bags, 15kg pails and 22.7kg bags. No primers needed.

See why our customers love Quality Pavement Repair...

1. QPR is ready-to-go, easy to use and works instantly. Get instructions.

2. QPR stays where it’s put. Permanently.

3. QPR can be used in extreme temperatures or weather - even water-filled potholes.

4. QPR is ideal for jobs of all sizes - driveway potholes to utility cuts and freeway repairs.

5. Did we say it works? Permanently.

Get your hands on the professional-grade asphalt repair material used by councils and road crews across Australia. We offer free shipping in our online store for bags and pails. Buy now ONLINE. 

Work out how much you need for your repair:

Use the QPR calculator below to work out how many bags or pails you need for your repair.

How to use Quality Pavement Repair

Watch our video to see how it’s done. For step-by-step instructions, click here.


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Cold Asphalt for road repair and maintenance or emergency repairs made permanent | Earthco Projects.
How many bags of QPR Cold Asphalt do I need for my Job.

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