Privacy and cookie policy Earthco Projects 2021

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd respects your right to privacy and takes all reasonable care when transferring and storing your details.

Collection of Information

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd only collects the information it needs to conduct our business. We may use your details to contact you regarding your order or enquiry for reasons such as, but not limited to, failed credit card transactions, incomplete order information, stock availability.


Earthco Projects Pty Ltd does not sell or provide access to your details. For the purpose of processing your order, we may disclose your details to:

• Our payment gateway service provider 

• Courier companies 

• Companies selected by Earthco Projects Pty Ltd to carry out order fulfilment

Storage Of Credit Card Numbers

No credit card details are stored permanently by Earthco Projects Pty Ltd.

Illegal Acts

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd will disclose your details to the police or government agencies if we have sufficient reason to believe that you are using this site for illegal purposes.

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