Shires recover their roads with a cutting edge solution

Whilst the Roads to Recovery (R2R) programme is an essential element in maintaining local government road networks, for many councils the latest instalment falls short of addressing a critical backlog of road maintenance.

However, a welcome alternative is enabling local government to extend their R2R allocation, by building stronger unsealed roads with the materials already at hand.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an award winning innovation that addresses the problem of sourcing unaffordable finite quarry materials and gravel resources. PolyCom is added to existing unsealed road materials, and has been proven to reduce maintenance by up to six times. 

Councils procure PolyCom in a highly concentrated form, with each 2kg pack able to treat 50m3, or 500m2 at 100mm depth. Adequate product supply can be transported in the back of a car to treat many kilometres of road. 

OHS and environment compliant, procurement of the field-proven.

PolyCom solution means councils:

    •    don’t have to cart new gravel to site

    •    don’t need to transport large quantities of product, and

    •    don’t need to mix PolyCom in a water cart.

As PolyCom is applied in granular form with a dry spreader, council works crew simply add water to the road materials as needed, and work the product in with their existing road plant - grader and roller.

“More and more government departments and road contractors are sharing the benefits of using PolyCom, as they discover they can use materials previously considered not suitable for road construction and maintenance,” explains Steve Hey, Engineering Applications Manager for Earthco Projects, PolyCom distributor for VIC, NSW and TAS.

“This has enabled them to make considerable savings on road construction and maintenance as well as lowering their carbon footprint.”

Councils can maximise the impact of their road maintenance budgets by incorporating PolyCom Stabilising Aid into their unsealed road programs. 

With an Australia-wide network of distributors, PolyCom is suitable for application in almost any material, and is simple and ready to use.

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