Productivity improved with innovative Australian product PolyCom Stabilising Aid

We’re excited about a road maintenance job with a council in country NSW this week. What was particularly inspiring was not the application of PolyCom Stabilising Aid itself, but the efficiency of the crew. 

We joined the boys onsite at 7am to deliver the product. They didn’t need us to supervise as they’ve used PolyCom for deep patching and unsealed road maintenance for years, but we stayed to be part of the action. 

In remote locations, access to water often determines how fast a road crew can get the job done - if they’re waiting for water between ripping, grading and compaction, a 1km job can blow out to 2 days. In this case, there were enough water trucks to get moisture in the ground, and the crew worked beautifully to get the PolyCom in and get the job done. They were done by midday.

By moving this efficiently, the council’s savings in time are compounded by the effects of PolyCom - reduced maintenance requirements, reduced importation of gravel and quarry materials, reduced man hours. 

Whilst PolyCom stabilising offers proven savings for councils, success is limited without the process planning and infrastructure to ensure the road maintenance process falls within time and budget constraints. PolyCom application does not require an investment in specialised equipment and takes little time to apply, so if the grader, roller and water cart are in good working order and ready to go at daybreak with the crew, there’s no reason not to enjoy the savings.

If you’re interested in hearing about what works for other councils when it comes to road maintenance and what blows the budget (we’ve been around long enough to separate the wheat from the chaff), give us a call on 1800 790 907. No cost, no obligation. Have a chat with us about your project to see what we can offer and how you can benefit from using PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Say hello @PolyCom_Girl on Twitter

Say hello @PolyCom_Girl on Twitter

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